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Our Miss Brooks - Madison Mascot

Published 1955

Mr. Conklin tries to publicize the school's mascot.

Run time 22 Minutes
Producer Larry Burns
Production Company Desilu Productions
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White


Reviewer: malscott - - February 22, 2011
Subject: nice
the sexual tension between connie and philip 1:11 comes through well on the screen. i dont think that much has changed regarding that between man and woman since those days.
Reviewer: Noah 8-? - - August 18, 2009
Subject: Dick Clark's not the only Perennial Teenager
Besides our favorite English teacher,and Mr. Conlkin, Walter Denton (played by Richard Crenna) are now bringing their adventures to the tube from their long-time radio broadcasting home. I guess that Rechard Crenna continued the part of Walter because he could STILL do that wonderfully thin upper register teenage-like voice. There was lotsa teenage talent around but they were portraying grammer schoolers for the most part. Just lookit the beach movies a decade later.
And here/there at Madison High each and every adult was treated publicly an' privately with respect. Not as much of a fantasy as today's media would like to change/revise the true history.
There really such a thing as nice people and manners.


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